Would you like to learn Igbo? Have you tried several times to learn and made little headway?


That’s why I’m here.


Ndeewo, a bụ m Ijeoma Akubue.

Hi, I am Ijeoma Akubue


I help Igbo learners gain confidence with their speaking so they can bond more with their friends and family.


My clients range from the young adults looking to communicate more with their parents and grandparents to individuals who are ready to speak Igbo with friends because they are DNA-tested African Americans. They have fallen in love with speaking Igbo and the married ones are looking forward to suprising their inlaws.


With programs like one to one coaching, group coaching and independent learning, there’s something for clients looking to gain speaking confidence in a variety of ways.


I am a native Igbo speaker and I reside in the UK with my family.

I am not learning Igbo, but I am teaching my children; so I am in the trenches with you. I know it is not easy! I have to continually remind myself to reply my children in Igbo when they speak English to me. I am also conscious of the fact that ‘charity begins at home’ lol. So yeah! the pressure is real.

I have friend that are like, ‘ ok, so your children speak Igbo?. I am like, ‘no, they speak a little, they hear a lot; I am also teaching them’.

Ka ọ dị be oke, ka ọ dị be ngwere. We all have challenges.

However, we take small steps daily towards our goals and I am committed to supporting you in your Igbo speaking journey.


Ngwanụ ugbua bụ oge gị.

Now it’s your turn.