‘I want to feel like I belong and most importantly to be able to teach my children’


‘Learning Igbo will be a life changer because I want to speak in my native language’


‘I’m a DNA-tested African and I want to learn to speak Igbo’


‘I would like a one to one Igbo language coaching but it’s hard to find one’



Can you relate?


Nwanne m (my sister/brother), I hear you. I get comments like this a lot. You are not alone.


And because of that, I have made available a few spaces in my calendar. To meet with you weekly to support you in realising your dream . To help in your journey of speaking and communicating on a whole different level with your dear ones.


We’ll work together to get you speaking from day one; at a time that’s convenient for you.

To ensure you are getting the most out of this, we need to talk beforehand. To make sure we are both happy working together.



By the end of our sessions, you’ll be able to start and hold conversations in Igbo without the need to memorise. You’ll have the confidence and the tools to help you to carry on speaking, including scripts!


Lee akaebe onye ahịa m:

(Here’s what one of my clients says)


‘As someone whose first language is not Igbo; I appreciate the fact that each lesson is bite-sized and not overwhelming. Can’t wait to surprise my in-laws. Thank you so much’. (Samuel; Staffordshire, UK)



What you will get:


8 One to one sessions over 8 weeks, with me to guide you, answer your questions and practise your speaking so you are ready to communicate with your family . Sessions are weekly and you can choose the meeting time that suits you.


Everyday conversation and grammar essentials to enable you speak confidently from day 1


Weekly accountability challenges to keep track of your progress (priceless)


Conversation scripts made for you so that you can hold conversations on a variety of topics


Independent study materials including video lessons (20 + videos) , audio downloads and PDF


An end of course assessment to celebrate how far you’ve come (priceless)


A sentence-making formula to empower you to speak and make sentences even after the end of the sessions


Audio recordings to download and listen to on the go!


It is for you because:


You want the extra support that comes with one to one coaching

You are ready to speak Igbo with your family

You want to choose your own times for the sesssions

You would like to speak your partner’s language and bond with your in-laws





What do I need to do now?

Click the button below and book a call, let’s talk.


How long is it for?

8 weeks. We meet weekly at a time convenient for you; 8 calls in total.


Akaebe ọzọ (more client love):


‘I have so much gratitude for the programs you offer because they're so hard to find. The Igbo resources I've found through research amount to very few, low quality, and hard to follow learning with not much to them. So, when I found your courses and resources I was crossing my fingers that this would finally be something good. As I looked through the website, videos, courses, and information offered, I knew I had to immediately utilize it and I wasn't wrong about the level of quality provided by you. Thank you for providing high quality, easy to follow, and elaborate resources for Igbo learners. (Tiffany, USA)