Igbo Girl Names


Igbo names for baby girls yeh!!!

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This is to complement the 'Igbo boy names' post.

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Common Words found in Igbo names:

Chukwu: God

Chi: God

Nna: Father

Nne: Mother

Oma: Good

Mma: Beautiful

Igbo girl names

Abụọma: Psalms/good hymn

Ada: First daughter

Adaeze: First daughter of a king

Adamma: Beautiful first daughter

Adaku: First daughter born into wealth

Adaure : Happy first daughter

Adaobi: First daughter of the family

Adaolisa: First daughter of God

Adaọma: Good/Beautiful first daughter

Adaọra : First daughter of the community

Adanna: First daughter of her father

Adaugo: First daughter of the eagle

Agbọmma: Beautiful young woman

Agbọ-ọma: Beautiful young woman

Akachi: Hand of God

Akụabata: Wealth has arrived

Akụadị: Wealth has arrived

Akụchi: Wealth from God

Akụdị: There is wealth

Akudo: Peaceful wealth

Akunna: Father's wealth

Akụnnaya: Her father’s wealth

Amaka: Beautiful

Amara: Grace

Amarachi: Grace of God

Aṅụlị: Joy

Aṅụlịka: There is more joy



Cheluchi: Wait for God

Chetachi: Remember God

Chiadikaobi: God is not like we think in our heart

Chiamaka:God is good

Chiazọ: God has saved

Chibugo: God is my glory

Chibuzọ: God is first

Chichetalụm: God remembered me

Chideera: when God has written

Chidiebere: God is merciful

Chidimma:God is good

Chidiụtọ: God is sweet

Chidubem: May God guide me

Chidumaga: God leads me on my journey

Chidumebi: God lives with me

Chiemeka: God has done great

Chiemelie: God has won

Chigemezu: God will complete

Chigọzie: May God bless

Chigọziri: God blessed

Chika: Gos is greater

Chikadibia: God is greater than the doctor

Chikamso: I am following God

Chikaọdịlị: It is in God’s hands

Chilota: May God remember

Chimdalu:My God, thank you

Chimamanda: My God will not fail/fall

Chimara:God knows

Chimaya: God knows her/him

Chimma: Beautiful God

Chimuanya: God is awake

Chineze: God shields

Chinalụ: God does

Chinatụ: God directs

Chinasa:God answers

Chinaza: God answers

Chinecherem: God thinks of me

Chinemere: God does for her/him

Chinenye:God gives

Chinonyerem: May God be with me

Chinonyelum: May God be with me

Chinwe: God has

Chinwendụ: God has life

Chinweotito: God has glory

Chinweụba: God has wealth

Chinyere: God gave

Chioma:Good God

Chisimdị: God says I should be

Chizaram:God answered

Chizitere: God brought

Chizoba: God save

Chizurum: God is enough for me

Eberechi: Mercy of God

Ekelemchi: I thank God

Ekwutosina: Don’t speak ill of people

Eyiuche: Not expected. Amazed by it

Eziahakaego: Good name is better than money

Eziamaka: The family is good

Trending Igbo Names for Girls

Fechi: Woship God

Ifeaṅulị: Thing of joy

Ịfechi: Thing of God. God’s thing

Ịfediche: A different thing

Ịfeọma: Good thing

Ịfụnanya/Ịhụnanya: Love

Ịfụnanyachi: Love of God

Ịhemachi: Thing knows God

Ijedinma: Good journey

Ijeoma: Safe journey

Jayamma: Praise Him/Praise God

Jụọrọụwahụ: Chill for the world

Kamsiyọchukwu: As I asked God

Kamsiyọnna: As I asked God/the Father

Kamsolutochukwu: Let me follow and praise God

Kaṅụlịa: Let people rejoice

Kosisọchukwu: As it pleases God

Makụachi: Hug God/Hold onto God

Mgbafọ: Girl born on afọ market day

Mgbankwọ: Girl born on nkwọ market day

Mgbechi: God’s time

Mgbeke: Girl born on Eke market day

Mgborie: Girl born on orie market day

Mụnachiso: I am walking with God

Ndidi: Patience

Ndidiamaka : Patience is good

Njideka: Holding on is better

Nkiru: The future

Nkiruka/Nkeiruka: The future is greater

Nkechi: Belonging to God

Nkem: mine

Nkemakọlam: let mine not be lacking

Nkemdịrịm: Let mine be with me

Nkemjika: what I have is greater

Nkọlịka: Communication is greater

Nneamaka: Mother is beautiful

Nneakọlam: Let me not lack a mother

Nnedinma: Mother is good

Nnenna: Father’s mum

Nnennaya: Her father’s mum

Nnenne: Mother's mum

Nneọma: Good mother

Nwachi: God’s child

Nwadịụtọ: Child is sweet

Nwakaego: Child is greater than money

Nwakerendụ: the child that has chosen life

Nwanyịeze: The King’s lady

Nwanyịudo: Peaceful lady

Ọbịageli: She who come will eat

Ọbịageliakụ: She who comes will eat of abundance

Ọbịanujunwa: She/he who comes in the midst of lots of children

Obioma: good heart

Ọdịchimma: It is good in God’s eyes

Ọdịnakachi: It is in God’s hands

Ogbenyeanụ: The poor shall not marry her

Ogechi: God’s time

Ogemdị: My time is

Ọgọchukwu: God’s kindness

Ọgọnna: The Father’s kindness

Ọgọọma: Good kindness

Ọlachi: God’s jewel

Ọlaedo: Gold

Ọlaọma: Good jewel

Ọlamma: Beautiful jewel

Ọlanna: Father’s jewel

Ọlụebube: Glorious work/handiwork

Onyebụchi-ibeya: No human is God to others

Onyedịkachi: Who is like God?

Onyekachi: Who is greater than God?

Onyemachi: Who knows God

Onyenatụrụchi: Who decides for God?

Onyenweakụ: The one that has the wealth

Onyinyechi: God’s gift

Osinachi: From God

Oziọma: Good news

Ralụchi: Leave for God

Sobenna: Be following God

Sọchima: Only God knows

Sọmadịna: Let me not be alone

Somtochukwu: Follow me and praise God

Soluchi: Follow God

Tochi: Praise God

Tobechi: Continue to praise God

Ụchamma: Beautiful fair lady

Uchechukwu: God’s will

Uchechi: God’s will

Uchenna: The Father’s will

Ucheọma: Good will

Ụgbọmma: Beautiful means/vehicle

Ugochi: God’s glory

Ugomma: Beautiful glory

Ujunwa: Lot’s of children

Ụlụnna: Father’s lastborn

Ụlụmma: Beautiful lastborn

Urechi: God's glory/pride

Urenna: Father’s glory/pride/happiness

Ụzọchi: The path of God

Ụzọma: Beautiful path/road

Weruche: Use your mind/brain

Yagazie: Let it be well


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