Igbo Names For Your Baby Boy

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What is your name? What does it mean?

My name is Ijeoma. It means 'safe journey', 'good journey' or 'good trip'.

Igbo names are known for having unique meaning.

Parents would usually name their child based on their history, how they met, their circumstances, circumstances surrounding the birth or their prayer for the child.

Children may also be named after their parents or someone in the family eg: grand parents.

Literally, you have limitless options when it comes to naming your child. You can choose from words, phrases or sentences.

Common words seen in Igbo names and their meanings

Chukwu/Chi: This means God. It can be a prefix or suffix.

The Igbos believe in God and would add His name to the child's as a way of affirming that belief.

Nna: This is father. Again, this would mostly refer to God.

It can however relate to the earthly father.

Nne: The Igbo word for mother.

The above words can either come at the beginning or be seen at the end of the name.

Names with the word 'Chukwu' are often shortened to 'Chi'.

Although there are some names mostly borne by a particular sex, names are usually intersex.

Igbo names for Boys

Ahamefula: May my name not be lost

Ahaoma: Good name

Ahizechukwu: By the grace of God

Akachi: God's hand

Akannam: My Father's hand

Amandianaeze: Does one know who to avoid

Amarachi: God's grace

Anayochi: Requesting from God

Anelechi : Looking onto God

Anyalewechi: Let your eyes look onto God

Arinzechukwu: By the grace of God

Azubuike: My back is strength/My backing is my strength

Azuka : The back is greater. My backing is greater



Cheluchi: Wait for God

Cherechi: Wait for God

Chetachi: remember God

Chiagozie: God has blessed

Chialuka: God has done a great work

Chibueze: God is king

Chibugo: God is my glory

Chibuisi: God is head

Chibuike: God is strength

Chibundu: God is life

Chibuzo: God is in front

Chidebe: May God keep

Chidebere: God kept

Chideraa: Once God has written

Chidi : God is

Chidiadi: God really is

Chidiebere: God is merciful

Chidiebube: God is glorious

Chidike: God is strong

Chidindu: God is alive

Chidolue: May God keep

Chidozie: May God repair/restore

Chidubem: May God guide me

Chidube: May God guide

Chiduzie: May God guide

Chiedozie: God has repaired/restored

Chiemelie: God has done great/has won

Chiemerie: God has won

Chiemena: God has done well

Chiemezie: God has restored

Chigemezu: God will complete

Chigbogu: May God resolve the fight

Chigozie: God bless

Chigozirim: God blessed me

Chigunyerem: God counted me in

Chijindu: God has life

Chijioke: God has my share

Chika: God is bigger

Chikadibia: God is greater than the doctor

Chikaodinaka: It's in God's hands

Chike: Strong God

Chikelum: God made me

Chikezie: God created well

Chikwe: If God agrees

Chikwado: God willing/ God backing

Chilaka/Chinaka: God decrees

Chilota: May God remember

Chima: God knows

Chimaobi: God knows the heart

Chimdi: My God is

Chimebuka: My God is big

Chimezie: May God restore

Chimuanya: God is awake

Chinedu: God guides

Chinekwu: God speaks

Chineme: God does

Chinemere: God does for him

Chinyeaka: May God help

Chinonso : God is near

Chinualumogu: Let God fight for me

Chinuaogu: Let God fight

Chinweike: God owns power

Chinweuba: God owns wealth

Chiwetalu: God brought

Chizoba: May God save

Chizubelu: God planned

Chizurum: God is enough for me

Chukwudi: God is

Chukwuebuka: God is big

Chukwuemeka: God has done great

Chukwuka: God is bigger

Chukwuma: God knows

Chukwunyere: God gave

Daberechi: Lean onto God

Eberechukwu: God's mercy

Eberendu: Life's mercy

Ebubechukwu: The glory of God

Ejiofo: My hands are clean

Ekelemchi: I thank God

Ekene: Thanks

Ekperechi: Prayer to God

Ekperedike: The prayer of a great man

Ekwueme: One who says and does

Emeribe: As my mates are treated, so I would like to be treated

Enyinnaya: His father's friend

Enyioma: Good friend

Eze: King

Ezeakachi: The king is not greater than God

Eziamaka: The family home is good

Ibekwe: If the mates agree

Ifeanyichukwu/ Iheanyichukwu: Nothing is too big for God to do

Ifesinachi: Things are  from God

Igwebuike: Unity is strength

Ihunna: The face of the father

Ihuoma: Good fortune

Ikechukwu: The strength of God

Ikenna: The strength of the father

Ikeobi: The strength of the family home

Isiawele: Good head

Isioma: Good head

Jachike: Praise God

Jidenna: Hold the father

Jideofo: Keep your hands clean

Jigidemaka: Hold me. Usually means God hold me tight

Kainelechi: Let's look onto God

Kanyitochukwu: Let's praise God

Kanayochi: Let's request of God

Kelechi: praise God

Kenechukwu: Praise God

Kosaluchi: Tell it to God

Kosisochi: As it pleases God

Lotachi:: Remember God

Lotenna: Remember father

Lewechi: Look onto God

Maduforo: We have people

Madukaego: A Person is greater than money

Marachi : Know God

Mmeregini: What have I done

Munachiso: I and God are together

Ndubuaku: Life is wealth

Ndubueze : Life is King

Ndubuisi: Life is first

Ndudi: When there is life

Ndukauba: Life is greater than wealth

Ndulaka: Life has the say

Ngozi: Blessing

Nkemjika: What I have is greater

Nnabugo : Father's glory

Nnaemeka: Father has done great. Usually refers to God

Nnadozie : Father repairs

Nnamdi: My father is

Nwachinemere: Him whom God does things for

Nwachukwu: Child of God

Nwafo: Born on Afo market day

Nwankwo: Born on Nkwo market day

Nweke: Born on Eke market day

Nworie: Born on orie market day

Nze: A titled man, respected

Nzubechi: Will of God

Obi : Family home

Obi : Heart

Obiedika : The heart endured much

Obinna: The heart/will of the father

Obioma: Good heart/Goodwill

Obiora : The will of the people

Obumneke: Is it I that creates

Obumneme: Is it I that does it?

Ogbonna : Father's look alike

Ogemdi: My time is

Okafo: Man born on Afo market day

Okeahialam: Let my share not pass me by

Okechukwu: Share from God

Okeke: Man born on Eke market day

Okezie: From Chikezie, God created well

Okonkwo: Man born on Nkwo market day

Okorie/Okoye: Man born on Orie/Oye market day

Onyekachi: Who is greater than God

Onyemachi: Who knows God

Onyemaechi: Who knows tomorrow

Osinachi: From God

Ositadinma: From today, it is well

Ozioma: Gospel/Good news

Ozobia: Let another come

Ozoemena: Another shouldn't happen (where something untoward had happened previously)

Soludo: Follow peace

Somadina: Let me not be alone

Somtochukwu: Follow me and praise God

Tochukwu: Praise God

Tobenna: Praise the Father

Tonna: Praise the Father

Uchenna: The will of the father

Uchechukwu: The will of God

Ucheoma : Goodwill

Udochukwu: Peace of God

Udoka: Peace is greater

Ulonna: The Father's house

Ugochukwu: The glory of God

Ugonna: The glory of the father

Ugonnatuwerem: The glory given to me by my father

Uwabunkeonye: Whose own is the world

Uzochi: God's way

Uzodinma: When the road/path is good

Uzoma: Good path


Common Igbo boy names and their short forms

Chukwudi - Chidi

Chukwuka - Chika

Chukwuma - Chima

Chinedu - Edu

Chinonso - Nonso

Chukwuemeka - Emeka

Chukwuebuka - Ebuka

Chukwudi - Chuks

Ekenedirichukwu - Ekene

Ifeanyichukwu - Ifeanyi

Ikechukwu - Ik

Kelechi - KC

Nnamdi - Nna

Obinna - Obi

Obiora - Obi

Okechukwu - Okey

Onyekachi - Onyeka

Tochukwu - Tochi

Ugochukwu- Ugo

Uzoma - Uzo

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